My Second Trimester of Pregnancy | Weeks 12-28 VLOG

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    Hey guys! Today I'm sharing my second trimester of pregnancy starting after weeks 12 through 27.


    I vlogged the highs, lows and truth behind that pregnancy GLOW.

    I'm officially 28 weeks today (on September 18th 2017) and in my 3rd trimester.

    I can't believe we're getting so close to the finish line.

    The past three months I've felt my absolute best but have also experienced so many new changes.

    We had a scare at 12 weeks and that's when this pregnancy took a turn.

    As a first time mom, there's so much that can happen throughout your pregnancy journey and I learned that early on.

    I'm super anxious, nervous and excited about going into labor.

    Hope any fellow moms out there can share some helpful advice on how to not let my nerves get in the way and any smooth sailing tips for delivery.

    As always thank you so much for your continued support and all the love you've expressed towards Baby Hendrix and I! She is going to be so spoiled with love.

    Can't wait for us all to meet her.


    Full Recap of my Second Trimester:

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    Until Next Time,
    Sazan xoxo

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