Chapter 1: The Launch of Bless Gives Back

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    The launch of Bless Gives back is TODAY!!! When I started Bless Box in December 2016, I wanted it to be more than an amazing box of monthly goodies I could send to your doorstep.

    Of course, that was part of the exciting vision, but it wasn’t the entire vision.

    I had another big dream for Bless – one that could impact and change lives.  It’s truly a surreal moment that this chapter is finally here and I’m able to share the BLESS GIVES BACK initiative.

    Starting with this story.

    Helping others doesn’t have to be complicated or require the biggest efforts.

    I think that’s also part of the reason why I decided to make this first initiative within my own community.

    My good friend and influencer bestie Lauren Bushnell wanted to join in and help by lending our platforms to shine light on the beautiful kids at Vista Del Mar Child and Family Services.

    We wanted to not only Bless them with back-to-school gifts, but spend the day really hanging out with them and showering them with love.

    (More info on Vista del Mar at the bottom!)

    My goal was to Bless this organization, but I left that day feeling my love tank filled to the top.

    Specifically, one adorable 8-year-old girl came up to me during the day asking if I could adopt her.

    I thought she was joking and laughed, “Omg that’s the sweetest compliment ever..” But she was dead serious.

    She looked at me and told me never to change who I am.

    It’s funny how an innocent 8-year-old’s wise words can truly bless you in a moment.

    Together and within the Bless community we all have the opportunity to help others.

    For the month of September, Bless Box will match all donations made to Vista Del Mar Child & Family Services (linked below).

    Your generous donations will go towards providing for the needs and care of every child at Vista Del Mar.

    I’ve had the pleasure of getting to know these kids and their horrific stories over the past few months and there’s a lot that goes into caring for each child’s individual needs.

    Vista del Mar has been their safe haven after a life of enduring these horrible circumstances.

    The center strives to give these kids hope and a stable/normal life.

    I hope you will join me in supporting these kids' present circumstances in hopes of a brighter future.

    My September Bless Box is going to be a special one.

    For this box, we collaborated with an incredible 7 year old artist (Dear Giana) to bring the outside design of our box to life in a new way.

    We also have so many incredible brands supporting our cause this month so if you’re not subscribed you definitely want to get this box of happiness!

    As mentioned, this is just the FIRST in our Bless Gives Back initiative.

    I am aware there are so many people in need of love, help, and support.

    My team and I here at Bless Box are actively striving to make a positive impact on real lives – beyond the box.

    As always, thank you for supporting our efforts.

    We rise by lifting others.


    Boxes ship September 20th; sign up for yours today at! And stay tuned for more on the story...

    Get your Bless Box:
    Vista Del Mar Child and Family Services Donation Page:

    Vista Del Mar Child and Family Services, a hundred-year-old organization is a community of fully integrated services for children facing emotional, behavioral and developmental challenges.

    Vista's goal is to provide children and families with the tools and opportunities on which to build strong foundations for personal growth and lasting relationships.

    My vision & full story:

    Subscribe to my channel for lots more Bless love to come:

    Special thanks to our Film & Editing team:

    Last but not least, special thank you to Old Navy, Pure Growth, RETHINK,, Wetbrush, L'Oreal, Ardell, & Garnier for your contributions to the kids.

    They couldn't have loved them more!

    Until next time..
    XO, Saz

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