Organic Self Tanner TEST | Does it REALLY work?!

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    Hey babes! Today I'm putting an organic self tanner to the TEST to see if it REALLY works.

    For me, I've been looking for a solution to keep my skin bronze after summer but still glowy and natural.

    I don't like getting spray tans and definitely don't like to fake bake in tannings beds.

    The organic self tanner I'm going to be using is from NKD SKN.

    I've heard awesome reviews about the product but wanted to see if it will actually work on my skin.

    I've never used an organic self-tanner, and I want to see if it really does work.

    I’m trying to protect my skin (especially while I’m pregnant!), but I still want that beautiful sun-kissed glow! Will that even be possible? I’ll be testing it out over a 3-day span to see if this specific product is worth trying.

    I also want to get to know the smell (nobody likes that typical tanning booth smell…) and since my scent is extra sensitive while pregnant, let’s do thisssss!

    Products I used:
    NKD Pre-Shower Tan
    NKD SKN Gradual Glow Daily Tan Moisturizer

    Key Things to Remember:
    - Use the Mitt if you don't want to get your hands messy!
    - Don't be shy with the product (that's what I learned)
    - Great for face and/or body
    - Apply and wait a minimum of 10 minutes before shower
    - Post shower - try to avoid heavy creams/lotions (recommended: their NKD Gradual Glow Daily Tan Moisturizer to enhance and keep the tan looking fresh
    - No harsh smells
    - Paraban, perfume and alcohol free

    You can find NKD SKN products at Ulta.

    For a full list of NKD products and more reviews check out their site at

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    Until next time..
    XO, Saz

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